We accept all health funds and match all health fund discounts

Wondering where you stand with your optical health fund benefits?

There has been some recent communication from certain health fund providers, that has caused some confusion with their members, so we want to make things simple..

As your local trusted Optometrists, Eyelines accept all health funds and match all health fund discounts to ensure you are always better off supporting local.

Most private health fund benefits reset on December 31 so unless you use them you’ll lose them.

You can use your optical health fund benefits on:


A spare set of frames

It’s always handy to have an extra pair stashed away in your desk, car, or bedside drawer.

Contact lenses

If you’ve ever thought about making the change to contact lenses or are a regular user, don’t wait till summer is over to enjoy a feeling of freedom and comfort.

Protection from the Aussie Sun

We’ll help you find the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses for your face and give you a bold new summer look.

Upgrade your lenses

There’s no better time to upgrade to new lenses for greater UV protection when taking advantage of the sunny outdoors or protecting your eyes from digital eye strain.

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