Whether for sport, work or just quality of life, discover the freedom contact lenses can give you

Do you want clear vision without wearing glasses?

Easy! Advances in technology mean contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than ever before, with improved features like:

  • Breathable lenses – good for your eye health
  • Hydrating lenses – keep your eyes moist throughout the day
  • Lenses with UV protection – help to prevent sun damage
  • In fact, many people can’t even feel them once they are in.

So, if you think you might want to give contact lenses a go, our free contact lens trial pack can help you decide.

Getting started is easy, simply book an eye check with a contact lens assessment or call 1300 139 363. If you are suitable for contact lenses you may like to receive a free trial pack so you can be sure.

When can I wear contact lenses?

There are contact lenses designed to be worn just occasionally (eg daily disposable lenses) or some that can be worn continuously for up to 30 days and nights (eg Ciba Vision Focus Night and Day lenses).

There are hard lenses and soft lenses. There are lenses to correct astigmatism and even multifocal contact lenses!

Experience in store just how easy it is to wear contact lenses. Our optometrists will assess your suitability for contacts, and if you’re suitable will fit your eyes with contacts*.

The appointment

Contact Lens Fitting appointments* will take approximately 30 minutes to comprehensively assess your eyes and match different types of contact lenses suitable for your eyes and your needs. (Occasionally extra consultations may be required to find the best contact lens type and fitting, depending on your needs and prescription complexity).

Caring for your contacts

Once a successful fitting lens is determined, we will teach you about caring for your contacts, how to use them and discuss safety and hygiene matters with you including cleaning and looking after your lenses properly. This may require additional appointments.


Regular checks called “aftercare check-ups” allow problems to be detected and corrected early. Most optometrists recommend these every 6 months, but always the schedule for consultations will be determined by your optometrist on a clinical basis to ensure we look after your eyes and contact lenses in the best possible way.

*Some consultation fees may apply, please ask your optometrist or in-store for details.

Book a Contact Lens Consult

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