Our Commitment to Safety

We are committed to helping you provide a safe working environment for your team and value eye health above all else.

Eye injuries are a common cause of work-related injury presentation to emergency departments in Australia. From July 1999 to June2005, a total of 8640 workers’ compensation claims with eye injury as the primary diagnosis were filed, with 2 weeks median lost time from the workplace. Foreign body on the external eye was the most common type of injury.*

Our goal, as your safety eyewear provider, is to help you achieve zero eye-related on-site injuries.

*National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Online Statistics Interactive (NOSI)

  • Title: The smart choice for safety eyewear
  • Certified eyewear. Guaranteed.
    • All Safety Eyewear is delivered with certification to Australian /New Zealand medium impact standard AS/NZS1337.6:2012 as well as Sai Global certification.
  • All ZEISS products have traceable codes as required by AS/NZs1337.6
  • Safety Lens Design
    • Trivex lens material, tested independently at NATA labs and certified for medium impact
    • Lens is thin & light with a scratch-resistant surface that provides both protection and optimal optical performance.
    • Tested & approved for mechanical impact requirements by industry standard, which makes them the right choice for situations involving a high risk of mechanical impact.
    • ZEISS lenses provide 100% UV Protection in both clear and sun lenses
  • Available in clear, grey tint, photochromic grey & polarised grey.
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Innovation – Protected from UV radiation always
    • All ZEISS lenses feature 100% UV protection as standard so your eyes and surrounding skin are fully protected by the lens at all times.
    • This includes clear, all-day spectacle lenses, which offer the same UV protection as premium sunglasses.
    • The image below, taken with a special UV camera, reveals the difference in the level of protection that ZEISS UV Protect offers as opposed to lenses with partial UV protection.

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