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Recycle your old glasses to help others


Until the end of May 2015 Eyelines will be encouraging people to recycle their old glasses to help the sight affected in third world countries.

The Lions Recycle for Sight is an ongoing project supported by Eyelines throughout the year however for May only Eyelines will run an ‘on the spot’ $50 Trade In offer for those wishing to upgrade their glasses.

William Downie CEO of Eyelines is keen on the company supporting such a significant project.

“When you trade in your old glasses, we recycle them by forwarding the glasses to Queensland where they are quality tested, washed and dried, graded, sorted and packed. These recycled glasses are then forwarded to Lions Clubs, church missions and humanitarian groups in third world countries to be given to people in need.”

Last year Australians gave more than 150,000 pairs of glasses free to people in Africa, Solomon Islands, Moldova, India, East Timor, Fiji, and other islands on the Pacific Rim.

Optometry services and products are simply not available, too expensive or out of reach for the majority of the third world population.

William said “The Lions Recycle for Sight ensures supplies of various graded glasses are instantly on hand to give to adults and children who are sight affected, improving their quality of life.”

To support the Lions Recycle for Sight Project bring in your old frames to any Eyelines store across Tasmania or log on to eyelines.com.au or call 1300 139 363 for more information.

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