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Eye Safety Tip – Get a Gun Licence For Your Mower

A police .38 pistol is a dangerous weapon. Agreed?

A rotary lawn mower can eject a stone from its blades at a faster velocity than a bullet from the .38! (Pistol – between 980 and 1280 ft per second. Mower – between 1200 and 1300 ft per second.)

You wouldn’t want your children or friends standing around if someone was firing a pistol indiscriminately on your front lawn, so keep them inside away from the mower. A speeding stone, dog bone, bit of wood or length of wire has a disastrous effect on an eye. Eyelines stock a very affordable range of safety glasses and prescription safety glasses. If you’re an avid gardener or DIY sort of person then grab yourself a pair. Our exclusive range of IC Safety glasses start from only $158 for prescription and $19 for non- prescription. Chat to the Eyelines team next time you are in store.

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