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Myopia or Short Sightedness

If someone is short-sighted they often find it difficult to see things further away.  You may be short-sighted if you’re having trouble focusing on:

  • Road signs
  • TV or cinema screens
  • People’s faces in the distance
  • Blackboards at school

Your Eyelines optometrist can assess your visual requirements and may prescribe glasses or contact lenses. They can also advise on other options such as orthokeratology and laser corrective surgery.

Eyelines has the latest range of fashion brands and high quality lenses including Crizal UV and Transistion. This prescription can also be used for sunglasses. Choose from a great range of quality prescription sunglass frames at Eyelines.

Speak to your Eyelines optometrist further if you have any concerns or questions about your vision or eye health – Book an Eye Test

This information is for general education only and may not be suitable for everyone. It is not intended to be optometric advice and if any of the issues raised effect you, we recommend you seek specific advice from your optometrist.

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